Explore Bahrain during your stay with Bahrain.bh


Understanding the needs and desires of tourists; the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) provides visitors of Bahrain with countless beneficial online services which they may require during their stay via the insightful National Portal (Bahrain.bh).

While touring Bahrain’s vibrant culture, iGA takes the role of catering to visitors’ needs encircling from checking flight information and public bus routes to eVisa services. The national portal facilitates convenient, handy services to help them plan their stay in addition bring necessary information available to them 24/7 such as Bahrain’s Event Calendar – your gateway to all the events happening in Bahrain.

Some of these services include the ‘Flight Information’ eService which enables visitors, travelers and travel agencies to search and view the status of any flight arriving to/departing from the Bahrain International Airport. The ‘Public Bus Schedule & Route Information’ online service also allows them to view all the central bus schedules and route information. Other extremely useful information include getting around using other means of transportation, where to stay from the numerous hotels to pick from, where to visit, Bahraini embassies that are available around the world as well as getting to know more about the culture and society of Bahrain.

The ‘eVisa Services’ allows visitors and businessmen visiting Bahrain to apply for an eVisa with the ability to check the status of their submitted applications. What’s more, this service enables public and private sector entities to apply for a No Objection Certificate to allow the entry for family members of their employees, tourists and other visitors.

Heading to Saudi Arabia? Getting in long queues at the insurance booth doesn’t have to be a hassle with the ‘King Fahad Causeway Insurance’ eService on Bahrain.bh as it allows travelers heading to KSA or returning to Bahrain to issue insurance policies for their vehicles and pay the required fees before reaching the causeway.

With more tourists oozing in the country, so are the services provided on Bahrain.bh. Visitors will find themselves visiting and revisiting the addictive portal throughout their entire stay in Bahrain.