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FIAT has stopped producing gray cars and introducing a colorful world of vehicles

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As of today, FIAT stops producing gray cars. The decision was made to enhance the importance of colors in life, embodying the Italian way of living and reaffirming the Brand’s New Dolce Vita value.

Italy is indeed related to bright colors such as the Sea of Italy, the Sun of Italy, the Earth of Italy and the Sky of Italy; landscapes that provide FIAT with a lot of inspiration for its cars. The strategy is implemented to add a distinctive feature to FIAT’s cars in the automotive market, as 2023 is the year of a remarkable change for the Brand.

“We broke the rules: we decided to stop the production of FIAT gray cars. This is challenging and disruptive and it is aimed to further reinforcing FIAT’s leadership as the Brand of joy, colors, and optimism. Italy is the country of colors and, starting from today, FIAT’s cars too – declared Olivier Francois, FIAT Chief Executive Officer and Global Chief Marketing Officer at Stellantis – This choice further communicates to people the New Dolce Vita values and the Italian DNA embodied by the Brand. FIAT wants to inspire people to live with optimism and positivity and this will also be one of the missions of the new Fiat 600e, the electric for families and friends, which will be presented on 4th July”.

In the new dedicated video, thanks to which customers can discover FIAT brand-new colorful world, the brand’s CEO Olivier Francois aboard the new Fiat 600e takes a deep dive into colour, under the claim “ITALY. THE LAND OF COLORS. FIAT. THE BRAND OF COLORS”.

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The current FIAT range – New 500, 500 Hybrid, 500X, Panda and Tipo – is available in different shades of colors, among those: Gelato white, Sicilia orange, Paprika orange, Passione red, Blu Dipinto di Blu, Italia blue, Venezia blue, Rugiada green, Foresta green, Rose gold and Cinema black – all with an evocative name that remind of Italian beautiful landscapes and dolce vita mood.

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