First smart pedestrian traffic signal in Dubai


    New signal to detect pedestrian movement and control traffic flow

    The first smart pedestrian traffic signal has been installed on Al Saadah Street in Dubai by the Roads and Transport Authority.

    The signal uses a sensor-based smart system through an optical ground system.

    Using sensors and cameras, the smart signal detects pedestrian movement and controls the traffic flow. Inputs from sensors and the optical system are processed by a computer that also controls the signal lights.

    It spots the movement of pedestrians on the pavement before crossing the street or during crossing and automatically modifies the timing of the signal’s light accordingly.

    It also means if there are no pedestrians waiting to cross, cars won’t have to hang around at the red light for so long – so it’s win-win for both motorists and pedestrians!

    There’s definitely a need for them – according to Dubai Police, at least a quarter of road deaths last year were caused by run-over accidents.