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Flavours of Georgia in Bahrain

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For 9 days, which started from October 6 till 14, The Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa is hosting a “Georgian Food Festival”; the festival taking place at Al Waha Restaurant and is featuring an array of Georgian dishes in celebration of the recent partnership between Gulf Hotels Group & Gino Holding to launch Gulf Aquamarine Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia. Visitors will be able to taste the many gastronomic delights of Georgian cuisine, from Khinkali to Kachapuri, and meet with the visiting chef who can advise them on Georgia’s street food and its delicacies. For the 9-day festival, the Gulf Hotel will source a number of ingredients from the Georgian market for their unique creations—affording them a deep understanding and appreciation for Georgian natural products and fine wines. “The past two years has impacted the hospitality industry especially hard”, shared Chief Executive Officer, Garfield Jones, “with this festival, we are proving the resiliency of our business and are here to celebrate the spirit of innovation and adaptation in light of extraordinary circumstances.”

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