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GCC Travellers Invited to Experience ‘51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic.Modern.Germany’

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The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) is delighted to promote its captivating campaign 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic.Modern.Germany aimed at enticing GCC travellers to explore the wonders of Germany during the vibrant summer season. Germany boasts 51 World Heritage sites and more than 6,000 museums, offering a wealth of interesting places of cultural and historical significance.

Showcasing a fusion of both its rich history and contemporary allure, Germany offers an extraordinary tapestry of experiences where ancient castles, picturesque landscapes, and bustling cities coexist seamlessly. With its latest campaign, the GNTB seeks to present the country as the ideal summer destination for Gulf travellers, enticing them with a diverse array of attractions, cultural encounters, and unforgettable adventures. Whether it is in the city or countryside, Germany’s culture is honoured and preserved, providing inspiration for the future.

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Under 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic.Modern.Germany, the country is unswervingly promoting its palaces and castles, nature and gardens, architecture and design, churches and abbeys, cultural heritage, and historical town centres. Some of the noteworthy places that explorers can discover under this campaign are the castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust in Bruhl, the Margavial Opera House in Bayreuth, Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Worlitz, Bauhaus sites in Weimar Dessau and Bernau, Cologne Cathedral and the historic centres of Stralsund and Wismar, among others. This allows travellers to embrace Germany’s ‘Stay a Little Bit Longer’ initiative and explore many of the country’s regions and make the most of the abundance of diverse experiences each has to offer.


Travelers can also make the most of GNTB’s interactive map (https://www.germany.travel/en/campaign/world-heritage/home.html), which allows them to immerse in the full splendour of Germany. The tool enables visitors to seamlessly organise and blend their exploration of any of the 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites with exciting city excursions and breath-taking natural landscapes, unveiling a remarkable culture that has been meticulously preserved across hundreds of generations.

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“We are thrilled to promote our latest campaign, 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic.Modern.Germany, and invite GCC travellers to embark on a remarkable journey through the country’s wealth of cultural and historical treasures,” said Yamina Sofo, Director at the Dubai-based German National Tourist Office (GNTO). “With a harmonious blend of rich heritage and contemporary allure, Germany offers an extraordinary tapestry of experiences, from majestic castles to beautiful landscapes, and serves as a perfect summer destination.”

Regensburg street in the old town UNESCO World Heritage

Further, Germany has always been at the forefront of promoting sustainability to its travellers, and it is without question that the country offers a plethora of initiatives and activities, through which travellers can explore in a sustainable manner; from using public transport to selecting eco-certified hotels.

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