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The iGA initiated an Education Indicator Survey in Bahrain

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The Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) announced the launch of a national survey aimed at measuring education indicators in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The survey is in line with efforts to provide national statistics and indicators that support the regional and international position of the country, particularly with regards to the Human Capital Index. The survey will assess literacy indicators among a random sample of respondents, in accordance with international standards used for calculating this index. The survey will be conducted by the iGA over a two-week period in collaboration with Silah Gulf.

The education survey reflects the continuous efforts to enhance the Kingdom’s international indicators across a range of fields, and mainly that are related to education and learning. The survey’s findings will help to reinforce Bahrain’s rank for the Human Capital Index within the United Nations eGovernment survey 2024. This will be achieved through measuring education indicators among both citizens and residents, by assessing their literacy levels and the extent to which they engage in reading and writing in their daily lives. Additionally, the survey will track the mean years of schooling completed by individuals, including their highest attained levels of education.

The survey adheres to UNESCO standards and will be carried out on a random sample of 10,000 individuals from citizens and residents with age 15 years and above. It will be conducted via telephone by employees of Silah Gulf, who will call randomly the selected individuals from the number 17155293. After introducing themselves, the survey team members will highlight the importance of participating in the activity and will obtain few questions related to the education indicators, which require only a few minutes to complete.

The iGA encourages the participants to actively engage with the survey, as it will play a vital role in the Kingdom’s plans and national programs. The survey process will be confidential, and the data collected will be analyzed to generate indicators relevant to the survey’s objectives without disclosing the respondents’ information. The iGA looks forward to the cooperation of individuals, both citizens and residents, throughout the two-week survey period.

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