What distinguishes Aisha Jewels is that we focus on the exclusive combination of 22 karat gold and 18K gold with diamonds through our innovative modern designs, as well as accepting special orders made on request. We have received online orders from several countries including the United Kingdom, Romania and the United States of America,” Aisha told BTW “Since childhood, I have always felt that artwork should be another way to celebrate the wonderment of life. Therefore, my first jewellery collections are colourful, vibrant and modern. The underlying designs endeavour to reflect the happy and daring personalities of the young and the young at heart. I believe that I am extremely lucky to be given the chance to share my designs with you, but that would not have been possible without the help of my family, especially my mother,” she further added. Read on to find out more about Aisha Abdulmalik.

Could you tell us briefly about Aisha Jewels?

Aisha Jewels Company is a Bahraini jewellery design company founded by me.

I started this brand in 2014 in Bahrain at the age of 17 while I was still attending secondary school. Since then, the Company has grown to be a GCC-wide provider of custom-made, high-end jewellery pieces crafted to the company’s high standards by top goldsmiths in Bahrain and Milan

How did you get into the jewellery industry?

The idea was Born as a result of participating in Tamkeen’s Mashro3i competition in 2013-14, and equipped with the designer’s personal savings as working capital, Aisha Jewels embarked on a systematic and focused approach to carving a place for itself in the fiercely competitive high-end jewellery market.

What is your style of designing jewellery?

Aisha Jewels have four main Jewellery Lines; Taraneem is an explosion of colour and happiness designed for daily use.

Jawa which initially started as our baby collection but even adults were so fond of it;  lead to Jawa being for the young at heart.

Khasheeb, drives from the Arabic word for wood “Khashab” is our limited edition bespoke wood and gold pieces.

Lastly, Talaed is our traditional collection, fusing traditional elements with contemporary design.

Where do you source inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration is everywhere, nature, architecture or even some of my abstract paintings

What challenge did you face starting your business at a very young age?

It can be really hectic to manage different aspects of my life but it mainly comes down to time management. Juggling between classes, work, managing the workshop, and the team can be a lot, but it is quite fun and doesn’t feel like work because I love what I’m doing.

So far you have used gold with wood. What other resources/materials are you planning to add to your jewellery in future?

Wood and gold is our Kasheeb collection but we also use Diamonds, Natural Pearls and Precious Stones for the rest of the collections.

What are your views on The Bahraini Jewelry Industry?

Bahraini gold and jewels are very well known all around for ages we have the highest quality and certification standards. In regional exhibitions, before even seeing my designs, people would come up asking to see the Bahraini jewellery. I feel very grateful to be a part of this field.