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GovEmployee App for Government Employees

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A government mobile application launched, following collaborations between the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) and the Civil Service Bureau (CSB), to offer all government employees registered under the CSB a range of employment services and information. Employees will no longer be confused or get lost with the large amount of accessible information that they may require from time-to-time.

Available via the eGovernment Apps Store (bahrain.bh/apps); the convenient user-friendly app always come-in handy when looking to view and update your personal details like contact information and salary bank account details, view monthly salary slip and time attendance, request salary and service certificates as well as submit an administrative complaint with simple swipes.

A recently-added feature enables employees to view a graph that represents their present and past appraisals performance results and progress through a mobile application dedicated for government employees. Moreover, a fingerprint authentication feature has been added to the popular mobile app to enhance users security.

Catered for both iPhone and Android devices, GovEmployee is a valuable regularly updated smart-device app to install as it enables users to submit permissions as well as view current available jobs in other public entities. In addition to obtaining salary and service certificates, viewing grade and pay scale, holidays, news and events, rules and regulations, CSB phone directory accompanied by other beneficial services.

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To download the app, please visit bahrain.bh/apps and follow iGA’s social media accounts @iGABahrain.

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