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Green Planet welcomes its first lemur pair

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The Green Planet, Dubai’s only indoor rainforest, has recently witnessed a delightful addition to its diverse ecosystem. With great excitement, the rainforest has welcomed its newest residents – black and white lemurs. These rare and endangered creatures are native to Madagascar and boast stunning fur patterns that display a striking contrast between black and white. Not only are they visually captivating, but they also possess a remarkable agility and playful nature that adds an element of liveliness to the rainforest’s already vibrant

The two lemurs have now joined Roxy and Kendrick, the resident ringtailed lemurs, at The Green Planet’s indoor rainforest. This exciting addition allows visitors to experience the unique opportunity of observing both species side by side.

The new development is not only significant for The Green Planet but also aligns with its commitment to conservation and education. By introducing the black and white lemurs, The Green Planet aims to raise awareness about the endangered status of all lemur species, furthering their mission of promoting conservation efforts.

The black and white lemurs are truly remarkable creatures, with their striking black and white markings, white ruff necks, and vibrant yellow eyes. They showcase incredible agility as they hang from their feet to reach for delicious food such as ripe fruit, seeds, leaves, and nectar. In fact, their feeding habits play a crucial role in the pollination of the rainforest. The fascinating lemurs make their homes in lofty tree nests, residing in high tree canopies. At just four months old, they gain their independence, and by the time they reach 20 months, they have fully matured. In their natural habitat, these incredible creatures can live up to an impressive 19 years.

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The Green Planet is a captivating four-story biodome nestled in the heart of City Walk, Dubai. This extraordinary sanctuary is a haven for over 3,000 plants and animals from across the globe, as it meticulously recreates the natural habitat of these magnificent creatures.

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