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Gulf Hotel Bahrain Bolsters Bahraini Resources Deena Al Borshaid Leads F&B Expansion

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Gulf Hotel Bahrain announced the joining of Deena Al-Borshaid as the Food and Beverage Catering Manager. With her extensive experience and passion for creating a difference in the business environment, Dina is set to elevate our catering services to new heights. Dina is a highly accomplished professional in the field of Sales, Marketing and Training.

She holds a degree in Business Management, specializing in Sales & Marketing from Regent University London. This educational background has equipped her with the knowledge and skills to excel in the dynamic and competitive catering industry. Her expertise in sales and development will be instrumental in engaging clients from both corporate and individual sectors.

The Gulf Hotel is Bahrain’s leading provider of exceptional F&B experiences; and with Deena’s proven ability to work cross-functionally, this addition to the F&B team will further strengthen the hotel’s commitment to delivering outstanding catering services for a wide range of off-site events and foster collaborations within organizations as it recognizes the growing demand for off-site catering services, as individuals and organizations seek unique and tailored experiences outside traditional venues.

Hameed Ali – Gulf Hotel Bahrain General Manager commented: “With Deena’s appointment as the Food and Beverage Catering Manager, we are confident that our catering services will reach new heights of excellence. Her dedication, expertise, and passion for creating memorable experiences for our clients will undoubtedly make a significant impact on our business.”

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