Hair Do’s and Don’ts for Your 30s

You're not old, but your daring 20s are behind you. Here's how to wear your hair during this style-transition time

Don’t: Go crazy with your hair colour

Your 30s are a turning point. You’re not a youngster, but you’re not super mature either. It’s time to start thinking about enhancing your natural beauty. In case you haven’t noticed, blue is not exactly a natural hair colour. Crazy colours and extreme changes, like going from black to platinum blonde, can look cheap. You may be able to pull it off when you’re 20, not so much when you’re 30.

Do: Go for a natural color

Fear not, you can still color your hair. You just need to match your skin tone. Take Christina Hendricks. She’s naturally blonde, but this red shade totally works with her skin and warms up her face. Another reason to keep it natural; as you get older, your skin can look tired. A natural shade that works with your skin can make it look fresh and awake. Extreme shades will just make dull & tired skin look worse.

Don’t: Be so serious

Severe librarian buns are hard to pull off. When you’re 20, it’s cool to follow a trend like this, regardless of whether it’s flattering. But when you’re 30, it’s all about looking your best – trends be damned! Plus, pulling all of your hair back can make you look older, both because it’s so severe and because all those fine lines you’re starting to get (or are in denial you’re getting) are on display. But there’s no reason to be afraid of the updo.

Don’t: Get too braid-y

Braids and fishtails are tricky when you’re in your 30s. If they’re loose and messy, our stylist @ JOZ SALON & SPA says they can work. But tight ones look a little too young.
When in doubt, skip the braid and try an up style which is pretty much impossible to mess up.

Do: Inject some fun into your look

Beachy waves are the perfect way to pair the carefree ‘tude of your 20s with the new-found dignity of your 30s. Glowy skin and loose waves make you look young and fresh. It’s a great style for your 30s.

The best part? You can dress these sexy, tousled waves up or down when you need to. Just add the texturising LABEL.M DUST, when you want to look more casual, or polish your waves with a curling iron for a more formal event. But try to work with your natural texture when you can.

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