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High-tech marvels take flight at international Saudi falcons and hunting

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A display of remote-controlled aircraft and robotic vehicles has proven to be one of the standout attractions at the fifth edition of the International Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition in Riyadh.

Visitors to the exhibition’s simulation section were able to enjoy virtual flights, guided by the latest wireless aviation technology, as part of the display staged by the Saudi Federation for Robotics and RC Sports.

CEO Aiman Al-Barakati said the federation is thrilled by the response to its debut event.

He said there are growing links between traditional falconry and modern wireless sports, and highlighted the federation’s partnership with the Saudi Falconry Club.

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“Wireless aircraft were employed to train participating falcons, significantly enhancing their fitness levels in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods,” Al-Barakati said.

The federation is strengthening its collaboration with the Saudi Falconry Club, as more falconers expressed an interest in using wireless aircraft to train their falcons in techniques such as luring and racing.

robotic vehicles

Al-Barakati said the federation is committed to engaging the community through a variety of events and activities.

Simulated flights, such as those offered at the exhibition, allowed trainees to improve their skills and minimize financial losses associated with wireless aircraft, he said.

Poetry and virtual hunting expeditions are among 18 other activities besides falconry featured at the exhibition. The exhibition is open from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. daily, with free access to all pavilions, including a weapons and ammunition section, until Oct. 14.

Saudi companies will exhibit the latest hunting weapons in a range of calibers, representing more than 75 international brands, at the exhibition.

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