Chaired by the Director of Identity and Population Register at Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) Sh. Subah bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Kingdom of Bahrain represented by the participated in the fifth Arab Conference of Directors of Civil Status Departments at the General Secretariat of the Arab Interior Ministers’ Council which was held in the headquarters of the secretariat. The conference’s participants included delegates from other Arab countries’ civil status departments, League of Arab States and Naif Arab University of Security Sciences.

In this regard, Sh. Subah emphasized on the Kingdom’s, represented by iGA, keen interest in participating and attending this conference with a view to strengthen the Arab cooperation in the field of civil status, exchange of experiences and the unity of efforts in this area. Also, pointed the importance of the recommendations issued by the conference that aims to improve the civil status departments thus contributing in achieving the aspiration of the public and leaders.

During the conference which was chaired by Democratic People’s Republic of Algeria, discussions regarding several significant subjects was held, including reviewing the results of implementing the recommendations of the fourth Arab Conference of Directors of Civil Status Department took place, along with sharing the experiences of the member states in the work area of civil status departments. The conference also touched upon the role of the civil status departments’ in combating terrorism in the Arab states.

In addition, the conference discussed a plan that includes recognition of an Arab guided law for the civil status in its improved form. The conference showed an initial perception of a model identification card for employees at civil status departments and decided to refer it to member states to make their remarks on it in order to redraft it, as well as discussing a code of model behavior of employees of civil status departments.

At the conclusion of its work, the conference called upon to coordinate with the concerned authorities in League of Arab States regarding the formation of a joint work team of both the Arab Interior Ministers’ and Arab Ministers of Justice Councils to redraft the Arab guided law of the civil status. Several recommendations to the General Secretariat in preparation to submit it for the next session was drafted.