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Industry Minister Explores Huawei’s Innovations in China

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Abdullah bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce, visited Huawei Technologies headquarters, as part of a series of visits conducted to pioneering Chinese establishments, during his official visit to China.

The minister toured Huawei’s headquarters and was briefed on the latest technologies and innovative solutions offered by the company.

Several meetings were held with senior company officials to discuss future cooperation opportunities in multiple fields, including developing technology infrastructure and promoting digital technology.

Huawei Technologies is one of the giant global names in the field of technology and communications. It has a wide network of customers and partners in over 170 countries.

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Huawei works with 45 telecommunications operators out of the 50 largest telecommunications operators in the world and provides services to more than 1,500 companies around the world, serving a third of the world’s population.

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