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Infiniti Bahrain Launches Ramadan Offers” True Luxury resides in shared moments”

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Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons (YKA), the official and sole distributor of INFINITI vehicles in the Kingdom of Bahrain, launched an exclusive RAMADAN campaign that offers customers an opportunity to save during the holy month. This Ramadan, INFINITI Bahrain are offering complimentary VAT, Insurance, Registration, Rust Proof and Tinting.

The Ramadan and VAT Free campaign is applicable across the entire INFINITI range and provides customers with a unique opportunity to own their favorite INFINITI at an exceptional value.

In addition to the special VAT Free, INFINITI in Bahrain has launched a unique customer excellence campaign which promises door to door test drive service. Anas Abdulla, Senior Manager – INFINITI commented, “INFINITI has always been a trailblazer in the industry to launch unique services and value based offerings. We understand how todays challenging and time consuming lifestyle impacts customer purchase decisions. In order to facilitate the entire buying process and enhance customer journey, INFINITI Bahrain, has launched a special door to door test drive service which can be either be catered at your house, or work location.”

In addition to the exclusive Ramadan offer, customers can also visit the flagship and state-of-the-art INFINITI showroom in Bahrain to experience the design and technology prowess of All New INFINTI models.

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With INFINITI, you get so much more. Enjoy the benefits & peace of mind. During the campaign, the Infiniti Q30 is up for grabs from just BD 11,995, Q50 BD 13,495, Q60 is BD 18,495 while the QX30 starts from BD 13,995, QX50 17995, QX60 BD 19,955, QX70 BD 19,495 and QX80 BD 31,495.

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