Intel bets future on three big things


Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich delivered his keynote speech at a Intel Developer Forum event with a focus on three big assumptions.

Computing in the future will be built on “sensification,” or the instrumenting of the world with computing sensors. It will also be “smart and connected,” or built on the Internet of things. And computing will be an extension of you. It will, in other words, be used to express your wishes to your environment and the outside world.  His first example of “sensification” was using Microsoft’s Cortana voice-recognition system to recognize voice commands. It didn’t work so well at first, but as Krzanich noted, “A reminder that all of these demos are live.”

Wake-on-voice tech will happen naturally, so your computer senses what you want when you say, “Hey Cortana, play my music.” The system will be available on Intel products from Atom to Core, working whether the processing is local or in the cloud, Krzanich said.