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Interview with Ahlam Janahi, President of Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society

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Ahlam Janahi requires no introduction in the Bahrain community. She is active in the Bahrain business sector for three decades as the Managing Director and Owner of Bahrain Horizon, My Bakery and Managing Partner of Gate Trading WLL and Damasquinos Trading.

Ahlam Janahi is the President of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society. She had also undertaken the same role for four years since 2012-2016. Among the many roles that she has responsibly handled, some notable ones are as a Board member at BCCI –session 28, Founder and member of the Inner Wheel Club Bahrain since 1999-2001, and Member of Election Committee Session-25.

Ahlam Janahi’s innovative visions have brought many progressive changes in the Bahrain society. She has won many international and national awards for her initiatives.

Bahrain This Week shares some inspiring moments with Ahlam Janahi to know more about her vision for Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society and the young business women in Bahrain.

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The Bahrain Business Women’s Society celebrates the 19th Anniversary in 2019? What is your vision for BBWS as the President?

The vision of Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society is to be a globally sustainable, innovative and recognized network organization resulting positive change in the society and contributing to the entire economy of Bahrain.

How BBWS did help the women business leaders and entrepreneurs so far?

Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society (BBWS) is dedicated to supporting the career progression and success of all women in the business landscape. BBWS helps to promote its members’ businesses and empower female entrepreneurs with best practices that adequately support and position them in today’s competitive business world.  Over many years, BBWS has connected women in the business community by hosting value-added events, conferences and seminars, and by collaborating with strategic partners.

Can you mention some of the upcoming programs by BBWS?

“World Entrepreneurship Conference” in collaboration with UNIDO will be in October 2019 and “Business Entrepreneurship” in November 2019. BBWS will also create an incubator business center for Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society members to sustain their business and work with accelerators to support growing businesses. There will be the 3rd edition of the B2B International Businesswomen’s Exhibition & Forum and different workshops and events organized by BBWS committees.

What are your business ventures at present?

Since year 2009, I studied the market and opened my own Business (My Bakery), providing Lebanese bread and oriental Pastries, which is currently one of the leading bakeries in the kingdom of Bahrain that delivers delicious bread and offers a great service to its clients with professionalism.

Recently I have also set up “The Event Makers”, in partnership with International event designers, which is an events management company.

How the Kingdom supports your initiatives?

I believe Bahrain business laws are fair and open to all. I appreciate the role of Ministry of Commerce for supporting all business activities of all Bahraini and international investors, which help Bahrain to partnership with forgin investment .  Bahrain Economic Development Board creates a lot of opportunities for start-ups and SMEs, which need a lot of strategies, laws,rules and regulations to reach up to international level.   I highly appreciate all Tamkeen’s programs supporting business sectors .

What is your advice for the young business women entrepreneurs?

My advice is that every entrepreneur has to confront obstacles and challenges in their journey. Undoubtedly, a single mistake can turn into a failure.  But the true failure is the one that occurs when nothing was learnt or changed after the previous mistake. Learning from your own mistakes is of the utmost importance if you intend to become successful.

Consider each new mistake as an opportunity to learn something and gain experience. Use them to find out the best possible solutions to future dilemmas, and try to avoid errors whenever possible. Once you gain enough experience, you’ll positively understand the perspective of momentary failures, and you’ll make sure that they do not occur in the future.

Act today to feel motivated and inspired. If one approach is not working, then shift to another. Just don’t stop – Keep trying.

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