Irresistible crêpes from Crêpafé


All-day dining destination offers a delightful cafe experience

Crêpafé at Seef Mall is a casual crêperie Cafe, all-day dining destination that serves an irresistible range of sweet and savoury crêpes, pancakes, waffles, and omelettes as well as its own special blend of coffee and specialty drinks, all in a comfy café setting yet modern cafe ambiance.

A modern take on the traditional French crêperie, Crêpafé offers customers a delightfully different café experience.

Crêpafé entices customers first through the irresistible aromas wafting through the cafe. The promise of cosy interiors add to the temptation.

They are then treated to the spectacle of the crêpes being cooked, fat-free and only using the finest and freshest ingredients.

The crêpes go along exceedingly well paired with a carefully crafted coffee or a cold specialty beverage. This delicious combination is sure to satisfy any craving – night or day!

Although crêpes are originally French, they are popular worldwide and are enjoyed as both a sweet treat and a savory dish. It is the filling that can turn the meal from breakfast to lunch, dessert or dinner!

Because they can be consumed anytime of the day, and are made fresh to order, the Crêpafé concept is a unique way of dining that the world is simply flipping for!

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