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KFC launches ‘Colonel Quest’ latest event in strategic collaboration with PUBG MOBILE 

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KFC, purveyor of world-famous fried chicken and PUBG MOBILE, an original battle royale, and one of the most popular mobile games, are launching a new scavenger hunt quest within the game, to be known as the Colonel Quest on May 8th, 2023.

From virtual to reality – Colonel Quest takes users on a KFC treasure-hunt that begins within the in-app game, eventually leading consumers to reap real life rewards far greater than just trying to land the top placement or a ‘Chicken Dinner’ in PUBG MOBILE. Players must complete all three stages of the quest, each more difficult than the last, to claim their big reward. Starting the game, PUBG MOBILE players will come across a billboard where they will be requested to solve a puzzle after which they will be prompted to submit their answer on a microsite. They will then be redirected to complete the game.

Players will be able to track their progress and compete with opponents via the leaderboard showcasing achievements. The game will feature the iconic Colonel Sanders sporting a red decorative cloak as the main protagonist for the quest. Synonymous with the Colonel is his much loved ‘secret’ ingredients and it’s only right for him to be dropping ‘secret’ hints through every stage of the game.

Ozge Zoralioglu, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC, Yum! Brands, “At KFC Arabia we constantly strive to support the passion embedded in the hearts of gamers in the region. This collaboration with PUBG MOBILE, a leading player in the gaming industry aligns with our commitment to providing unique and engaging experiences for our audience. Through this collaboration, we are able to bring a new level of excitement to both KFC and PUBG MOBILE fans.”

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Once the riddles have been solved, answers can be submitted on the Colonel Quest website. The website will also include a registration form that players must complete to monitor their progress. If answered correctly, a final congratulation video will appear on the screen and a prize notification will be shared via registered email, for the winners to redeem. There is a grand prize for the Colonel’s champion, who will win a trip to Los Angeles to visit a global gaming convention, with juicy discounts to be claimed by everyone who participates ! The leaderboard will be frequently updated on the microsite to track progress among players.

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