Kuwait Finance House – Bahrain has honored distinguished employees, under the Bank’s ‘Fursan Baytik’ Employee Recognition programme, based on their outstanding performance for the third quarter of 2017.

Mr. Abdulhakeem AlKhayyat, the Managing Director and CEO at KFH-Bahrain presented certificates of appreciation to Ms. Deema Abdulah Al Dossary for the ‘Teamwork’ Award Category, Mr. Ali Ahmed Al Khaja for ‘Customer Service’, and Mr. Hamed Yousef Mashal for ‘Smart Performance’ during an award ceremony held at the Bank’s headquarters in the Bahrain World Trade Center in the presence of several officials and executives from the Bank.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdulhakeem AlKhayyat commented: “We would like to congratulate the outstanding employees for their achievements in the ‘Fursan Baytik’ programme and we wish them success in their careers. We also look forward to honor more hardworking employees in the coming year.”

Ms. Deema Al Dossary was chosen for her dedication and continuous commitment in achieving group objectives and working with the team to achieve optimal results, as well as her proactive performance and cooperation. Mr. Hamed Mashal was recognised for his effectiveness at achieving financial results while reducing risk and costs leading to enhanced efficiency and competitiveness. Mr. Ali Al Khaja was honored for providing an outstanding level of service to the Bank’s customers resulting in excellent customer experience level and enhanced brand loyalty.

The ‘Fursan Baytik’ Employees Recognition Programme aims to honor and appreciate the achievements of employees in the Bank based on preset criteria that considers their performance and activities both during working hours and in their own personal time outside of the office. The programmes was established in order to motivate and develop staff potential and well-being. Employees are nominated every quarter from all departments within the Bank and a special committee selects employees who fall within the pre-defined criteria. Candidates who are selected for the award would need to be recognized for having a positive attitude towards work and colleagues, providing an outstanding level of service to a customer, leadership, innovation, teamwork and active participation in team achievement. The committee also considers the employees’ achievements outside work such as pursuing and attaining professional certifications or academic degrees, how they promote and represent the Bank, and their social contribution to society.