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KFH-Bahrain Organizes “Employee Day Out with CEO”

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Kuwait Finance House-Bahrain (KFH) hosted further “Day Out with CEO” meetings whereby employees from the various Bank departments got the opportunity to spend the day out with the MD and CEO Mr. Abdulhakeem Al Khayyat at the KFH Club in Budaiya.

The meetings aimed at highlighting KFH-Bahrain’s various departmental achievements, providing the staff with updates on the recent banking trends, the impact of such trends on the Bank’s operations, as well as sharing the plans in place to deal with this sector’s fast-paced changes. The employees were also able to convey their thoughts and share their recommendations for the Bank’s continuous growth.

Mr. Abdulhakeem Al Khayyat, the Managing Director and CEO at KFH-Bahrain said: “We are keen to hold regular meetings to encourage a transparent two-way communication between employees and the management. We believe in the importance of continuously communicating strategic objectives to all employees, and of ensuring sound practices to engage, enable and empower employees.”

“During this meeting, the employees presented innovative ideas and constructive proposals that are in the interest of KFH-Bahrain, its employees and clients. We continuously seek to implement these recommendations in order to maintain the ideal environment for all employees and provide the best services and products to our clients,” Mr. Alkhayyat added.

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The “Day Out with the CEO” meetings are part of a comprehensive employee program which aims to enhance employee engagement and involvement in decision-making, enrich employee awareness of the Bank’s future direction, maintain clear and open lines of communication between staff and the senior management, and streamline the exchange of information between the various departments.

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