Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB), one of the leading Islamic banks in the Kingdom of Bahrain organised a high-level workshop in collaboration with GFH Financial Group for members of the board of directors and executive management of the two institutions on the global investment context. The event, which lasted a day, was held at Four Seasons Hotel, Bahrain Bay.

The workshop was organised by experts from the London School of Economics, in line with the bank’s commitment to keep abreast of global financial developments and their impact on global and local markets, especially in the field of investment.

The workshop was divided into three sessions. The first session dealt with the new political and economic scene of the 21st century, while the second session discussed the financial situation and developments in markets in light of the global investment context. The third session discussed the global financial agenda.

Mr. Jassim Alseddiqi, Chairman of the Board of KHCB, affirmed: “The bank’s organisation of this workshop stems from awareness of the importance of broader understanding of the latest global context and its importance to the global financial system, taking into account the specific context in which Islamic financial institutions operate; analysing the challenges and opportunities in the field of international financial services, in addition to improving choices and decisions that take into account the global context in which financial institutions and businesses operate, equipping participants with the skills needed to do so.”

Holding such workshops is vital to achieving the bank’s objectives of sustainable development, he indicated, making future policies, and learning the challenges in the field of investment to ensure the optimal usage of resources to preserve the interests of shareholders.