Khaleeji Commercial Bank (KHCB) continues its sponsorship of various social activities by charitable and professional societies in commitment to social responsibility, which the bank regards with great importance due to its role in enhancing the community’s well-being and development in various fields.

Within this framework, KHCB has announced its sponsorship of the activities of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Society of Bahrain for 2018, whose main focus will be to continue promoting the highest standards of excellence, integrity and professional ethics, contributing to the development of capital markets and local professional skills. On behalf of the bank’s management, Mr. Mahdi Abdulnabi Mohammed, Deputy General Manager of Support Services, presented the sponsorship to representatives of the society.

Mr. Tawfeeq Mohamed Bastaki, Chief Risk Officer & Acting CEO, expressed his pride in KHCB’s sponsorship of the activities of CFA Society of Bahrain, in conjunction with the society’s 12th anniversary celebrations in the Kingdom.

CFA Society of Bahrain President, Mahmoud Nawar stated “We thank KHCB for its support of the society’s activities, which will have a significant impact on our qualitative programs to improve the financial and investment sectors in the Kingdom by promoting the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.”

He added, “The CFA Society of Bahrain has grown to become one of the largest CFA Institute organisations in the Middle East over the past 11 years, with over 200 members serving as portfolio managers, financial analysts, investment advisors and lecturers. The society has spearheaded endeavours to promote ethics for professional practitioners, education and the introduction of good corporate governance rules into the investment sector. Over the past few years, the society has also engaged in promoting leadership thinking in a wide range of specialised topics.”