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The wedding industry has been spun into orbit with the debut of La Marquise’s new fashion forward ‘#Bridal ’. This year, we have seen diamond encrusted necklaces adorn the runways at Milan Fashion Week 2015 and the return of the chic chandelier earrings; but nothing quite compares to the sparkling bridal sets La Marquise has so carefully orchestrated.

From the Hollywood classic Elizabeth Taylor to the modern royal beauty Kate Middleton, these women knew the power of accessorising with staple bridal pieces. But why struggle to bring them all together when La Marquise’s bespoke bridal sets – each unique in design and each piece one of a kind – are already a match made in heaven.

Clean lines and brilliant shine unite in this season’s most arresting jewellery collection using the highest craftsmanship this region has seen and the finest stones. Be it Princess, Matinee or Opera; a harmonious pairing of necklace and earrings, or the complete set of four including a bracelet and statement ring; these experts never give ‘no’ for an answer when it comes to shaping a dream into a reality. La Marquise’s innovative Bridal Concierge caters to a bride’s every want and need (and budget!) to ensure you look ravishing and radiant on the special day till death do us part.

A traditional wedding dress is said to be well accented with touches of colour; La Marquise’s bridal sets of deep cobalt sapphires, verdant emeralds, and canary diamonds sparkle sensationally beneath the flashbulbs whilst giving the bride a delicate dash of colour.

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