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Homelabel.m Bahrain Lifts Hair Care to New Heights

label.m Bahrain Lifts Hair Care to New Heights

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Joz Salon & Spas expands the global superbrand label.m to Bahrain with an innovative product line, styling events and interactive community for salon professionals, consumers and more– label.m- is on the scene, styling and stunning the product world with its award-winning global professional hair care line. Under the leadership of hair experts and innovators, label.m Bahrain is taking the professional styling world by storm as it launches several new initiatives to expand its internationally-acclaimed line of shampoos, conditioners, styling and finishing products.

Fans of label.m can expect to see many new and exciting ways to connect with the brand via a new state-of-the art website that features an interactive community for professionals to access videos and other educational tools. Consumers can now also learn about label.m Bahrain extensive salon quality family and purchase the products that best suit their individual hair care needs.

Label.m products span the full-spectrum and rival any major hair care line with a complete line that is geared toward a cool, hip fashion-minded audience. “We are thrilled to expand the label.m brand across the country with a new and fresh approach to connect with our most important audiences – stylists” said Label.m ambassador Ms. Nawal Joz. “We know it’s important to ‘see and be seen’ and to be on the scene whether it’s physically or digitally – and now we are doing both in a way that no other hair care brand can equal!”

“We as an distributors of Label.m couldn’t be prouder and more rewarded by the enthusiasm we are generating among our loyal communities.

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