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Lexus Turbo Models

Lexus Turbo Models…Experience the Thrill

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Lexus Bahrain is offering the full range of Lexus turbo-charged models which include RC, GS, NX and IS at the Lexus showroom in Sitra. These models are designed to express the new Lexus direction of “fun to drive” and to firmly improve driving performance and fuel economy.

Lexus turbo-charged models

Featuring a breakthrough combination of a water-cooled cylinder head, integrated exhaust manifold and twin scroll turbocharger, the Lexus turbo engine delivers fast throttle response, performance and high torque at low engine revs.

With innovative direct fuel injection technology for both fuel economy and instantaneous torque, the Lexus turbo engine delivers rapid acceleration with its 8-speed Sport Direct Shift transmission.

Turbo engines are usually associated with “turbo lag”, an image of having a poor response. However, Lexus has overcome this issue and Lexus turbo engines provide an excellent response with plentiful torque from low speeds.

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The conventional turbo systems where the turbo always operates at maximum boost pressure naturally have excellent response but ruin fuel economy. Lexus engineers main mission was to reduce any intake and exhaust flow restrictions – basically to enable air to flow smoothly through the pipes. By calculating the power goals they could see just how much they had to lower the flow restrictions.   The turbo engine developed by Lexus typically only operates at the boost pressure necessary ensuring that the boost pressure is controlled to increase just before an upshift based on information from the automatic transaxle (AT), enabling this challenge to be cleared.

The full range of Lexus turbo-charged models feature a harmonious pairing of style, power and acceleration, now available at the Lexus showroom in Sitra. Call 17737773, or visit lexus.com.bh for more information.

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