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The Little Discoverers’ Summer Camp celebrates the Al Fahidi way of life

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Dubai Culture is hosting the Little Discoverers’ Summer Camp in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, offering children a series of exciting adventures that embrace life in Al Fahidi, offering them the opportunity to discover how creativity meets heritage. Open to children aged 8 to 12 over two periods from 14 – 18 August and from 21 – 25 August, the camp is free to join and provides a unique opportunity to explore Emirati heritage. Participants can dive into the details of Emirati culture, discover its aesthetics, and live a set of unique experiences within a charming historical atmosphere.

The camp will offer children innovative workshops, educational tours, and entertainment activities to discover the significance of community bonds and the role of the Emirati family in the growth of Dubai. By experiencing the different aspects of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbouhood, they’ll become acquainted with the historical neighbourhood’s architectural designs and traditional handicrafts. Additionally, through their trips to search for hidden pieces inside the houses, they will learn about the area’s history as a hub for trade in Dubai, including the role of pearling, fishing, and oil in building the economy. The camp will also immerse them in Emirati arts and handicrafts, teaching them about their history, importance, and techniques, such as building Barjeels, dukhoon-making, and gypsum carving. This experience will motivate them to develop their creative passion.

Al Fahidi Summer camp 2023

Mariam Dhaen Al Tamimi, Acting Director of Heritage Sites Department at Dubai Culture, affirmed the importance of the summer camps organised by Dubai Culture, highlighting their role in strengthening children’s connection with Emirati heritage, saying: “Dubai Culture, through its summer camps, aims to create a creative environment that empowers children by providing them with the life and practical experiences they need. This includes developing their cognitive and physical skills by participating in various activities and events catering to children’s interests and enhancing their cultural awareness. The camps offer a unique and distinguished cultural and educational experience, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and expression. Here, children can discover Emirati culture, heritage and history, and communicate with each other to learn about different cultures.”

All the activities within the summer camp organised by the Authority are presented in Arabic and English and held under the supervision of heritage specialists and experts. This reflects Dubai Culture’s commitment to providing an innovative educational environment within its assets to develop life skills and enhance children’s creativity.

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