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“Smile” ignites hope through “Kids R Golden 10” campaign that raises awareness for children’s cancer

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The “Smile” initiative, a Bahrain Future Society for Youth initiative that provides psychosocial support to children with cancer and their parents in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced its plan to launch the tenth edition of its awareness campaign “Kids R Golden 10”.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about childhood cancer across various segments of the Bahraini society, coinciding with the global awareness month for childhood cancer in September.

The “Kids R Golden 10” campaign features a comprehensive array of creative and exceptional activities, events, and programs scheduled for an entire month. These initiatives are designed to engage the public extensively, including events held in public spaces and malls. Additionally, the campaign utilizes social media platforms to encourage broad participation, ensuring the campaign’s success and aligning with the aspirations of participants, partners, and the Bahraini community at large.

This year’s campaign is a collaborative effort involving both public and private hospitals and health centers. A wide array of companies and institutions from the public and private sectors, along with several sponsors, are participating. Interact serves as a marketing partner for the campaign.

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Mr. Sabah Al-Zayani, Chairman of the Bahrain Future Society for Youth, emphasized that the organization of the “Kids R Golden 10” campaign is part of a cooperative and productive partnership with government entities, private institutions, and companies in Bahrain. The primary goal is to enhance awareness among all members of society. He pointed out that the decision to hold this campaign for the tenth time underscores Smile’s steadfast commitment to raising awareness about childhood cancer. The campaign’s intent is to mobilize community support for children dealing with this illness and to encourage the local community to stand by them in their journey.

sabah al zayani

Mr. Al-Zayani further mentioned that throughout the preceding years, the initiative has assumed a pivotal role in fostering health awareness regarding the gravity of childhood cancer. It has worked towards minimizing and preempting its occurrence, while advocating for its timely identification. He highlighted that the undertakings and schemes of the “Smile” initiative are rooted in fortifying the sense of human and societal unity and collaboration with governmental and private entities, guided by the ethos of social responsibility. These endeavors are aimed at providing both financial and moral backing to young champions grappling with cancer.

Mr. Al-Zayani commended the remarkable endeavors undertaken by the partners and sponsors of the campaign, encompassing corporations, medical facilities, centers, and units dedicated to the care of children afflicted by cancer. He extolled their unwavering support from the inception of the campaign, lauding their substantial contributions in kindling joy in the lives of children associated with the initiative. Their concerted efforts have also ignited the beacon of hope within the hearts of these children’s families.

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