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Hypermarket is first off the block with biodegradable plastic bags licence in Kingdom 

In a bid to underscore its commitment to preparing customers to fast-track the use of recyclable shopping bags, Lulu Hypermarket has introduced a ‘green checkout’ counter in its Saar hypermarket, where customers using the recyclable shopping bags made of plant-based bagasse will be served exclusively.

Lulu Hypermarket was recently in the news for being the first to acquire a license to import and trade in plastic since all its plastic shopping bags are made of biodegradable plastic. In addition, Lulu has always encouraged shoppers to invest in one-time purchase of its eco-friendly and roomy shopping bags made of plant bagasse. The sturdy bags can take a lot of weight and rough use and Lulu even promises a lifetime replacement policy for the bags if they happen to tear.

SCE chief executive Dr. Bin Daina congratulated Lulu Hypermarket on its green standards and for taking their responsibility towards the Environment and the local community with such action-oriented campaigns.

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“Plastics are well known for their durability, and since domestic waste ends up at the time being into landfill, biodegradable plastics will certainly contribute in extending the lifespan of the landfill which is one of the National Waste Management Strategy” said Dr. Bin Daina, “Banning non degradable plastic bags is just a starting point that will be followed with many more initiatives aiming to eliminate plastic waste impacts on the environment, public health, and biodiversity.”

Said Lulu Group Director, Mr. Juzer Rupawala, “The ‘green checkout’ will be a move to encourage customers to realize the direct benefits of reducing plastic use and embracing reusable shopping bags. It is part of the Group’s commitment to the environment – throughout the global Lulu chain, our company aims to meet strict international standards on plastic user and safeguard the environment.”

“While our shoppers can safely use the biodegradable plastic bags that are supplied free of charge for them to carry their shopping home, we see the ‘green checkout’ counter as a means to make our customers think about green options when shopping – every time we use reusable bags, we believe that we are creating a greener world.”

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