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Arab children across the globe can now access the world of Majid TV whenever they wish, with the launch of its new website and free mobile app.

The website and app will bring TV clips, music, games and issues of the magazine to parents’ pockets at the touch of a button – giving them the power to keep their kids entertained for when and where ever they wish.

Famous characters such as “Majid” and “Kasslan”, and shows like “Rehla”, “Ana Zahra Junior” and “Robotic” will be brought to life across the world, entertaining and informing children from 2-16 years-old, while also promoting classic Arabic language, traditions, culture and family values.

Majid TV was launched in September 2015 due to the increasing popularity of Majid Magazine and Majid comic, which has become a cultural phenomenon deeply embedded across the Arabic-speaking world.

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The channel has accumulated an impressive digital footprint through its social media platforms. The launch of the website and app represent the next step in this rapid journey – allowing round the clock access from anywhere in the world.

HE Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood, Chairman and Managing Director of Abu Dhabi Media, said: “This represents a significant step forward for Majid Entertainment, but more importantly we know it’s something that children will enjoy while their parents can be safe in the knowledge that they can trust the fun edutainment content being viewed.

“The launch of Majid TV has been a fantastic success and allows us to reach millions of households in the region. However, the launch of the website and the app, which will also link into our videos on YouTube, means Majid Entertainment will have a global reach, 24 hours a day.

“We expect this to be particularly good news to Arab families living outside the MENA region who find it hard to find trusted sources of content that help entertain their children in Arabic and we will continue to develop all of our digital platforms to do just that.

“Making our content informative has always been one of the key drivers at Majid therefore its fantastic to be launching these tools during such a worthwhile initiative as the year of reading in the UAE.”

The Majid Entertainment website and app will feature sections for video viewing, reading, learning more about the characters and games, while plans are underway to introduce a news section, events calendar and an interactive zone – where users will be able to give their feedback to help shape the future development.

The app is available on android and iOS with another exciting future development being a “save for later viewing” feature that will allow streaming without a network connection.

Since launching just over 6 months ago Majid Entertainment has amassed 1.5m followers with high engagement rates on Facebook, had 300m impressions created on Twitter during Q4 of 2015 (with a top 10 trending hashtag for ten days), has over 40,000 followers on Instagram while more than 7 million minutes of video have been watched on YouTube.

The Majid app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Play Store and the website is available at http://majid.ae/

About Majid Entertainment

Specialising in media, entertainment and informative content development for children, Majid Entertainment is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, with a view to preserve the heritage and identity of the UAE and the Gulf through its cultural authenticity. The company rests on three pillars namely, Majid Commercial Facilities focusing on the supply of specialized recreational facilities, Majid E-learning providing technologically advanced means and programs to promote smart learning among children, and Majid Media providing children with special media content in the field of educational entertainment, making it a trusted source among parents for the development of their children through fun content. Majid Entertainment is operated as part of Abu Dhabi Media, one of the fastest growing multi-platform media and entertainment organisations in the Middle East. Majid Entertainment has now branched out by establishing the all new Majid TV, which forms an extension of the hugely popular Majid Magazine.

About Majid TV

With the increasing popularity of Majid Magazine and Majid comic, which has become a cultural phenomenon deeply embedded across the Arabic-speaking world, Majid TV was established earlier this year with the task of not only continuing the Majid legacy, but also extending the appeal and benefits to its target audience that stretched far beyond a weekly print edition. A subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Media, Majid TV was created to bring to life the magazine, which was first published 36 years ago, across contemporary entertainment formats such as social media, digital and television. Majid TV seeks to extend the appeal and benefits to its target audience that stretches far beyond a weekly print edition. The shows purpose is aligned with the culture and ethos of the local community, of UAE and of the Gulf. It seeks to engage children in a fun and entertaining way, so they may enjoy their time watching home-grown productions, cartoons and characters that represent their environment and society, such as the publications popular characters Majid and Kasslan, whose activities, adventures and characteristics prove exciting and relatable for the young audience. Today, Majid has expanded its media activities to include its own TV channel and online presence, including both its website and social media channels, for which its Facebook page has garnered close to one million likes.

For further information, please visit: http://majid.ae/

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