With the assistance of the National Portal Bahrain.bh, you are now capable of viewing pending work permit requests, checking details of current used work permit and viewing the number of available work permits you are entitled for.

Jointly collaborated to bring convenience in the comfort of your home or anywhere else, the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) together with the Information & eGovernment Authority have launched the ‘Domestic Workers Services’ to encourage transparency of a wide range of beneficial online services.

After applying for a new domestic worker’s permit at an official manpower office, users may log-in to the Standard eKey account at Bahrain.bh to utilize the ‘Pending Work Permit Requests’ eService which enables them to view details of the domestic worker. The user may then confirm or reject the received request to ensure that he/she has in fact applied for this worker. Confirming the request approves LMRA to start the new permit’s procedures.

Through the service’s Permits Management, users also have the option to find out the details and status of the domestic worker registered under their CPRs through the ‘Current (Used) Work Permit Details’ eService. The ‘Available (Unused) Work Permits’ enables the user to view the number of permits that he/she can use for each occupation.

With Bahrain.bh; applying for domestic workers (such as nannies, personal drivers or chefs, etc.) has never been easier.