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Bahraini Farmers’ Market Set for Transformation

An exciting transformation is on the horizon for the Bahraini Farmers’ Market at the Budaiya Botanical Garden.

An agreement aimed at upgrading its infrastructure has been successfully signed by the National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD) and STC Bahrain. The signing ceremony, graced by the presence of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture Minister Wael bin Nasser Al Mubarak, marked a significant milestone in the market’s evolution. NIAD secretary general Shaikha Maram bint Isa Al Khalifa and STC Bahrain chief executive Nezar Banabeela put pen to paper, formalising their commitment to enhancing the market’s facilities and overall appeal.

Shaikha Maram conveyed the appreciation of HRH Princess Sabeeka for the initiative of STC Bahrain, affirming Her Royal Highness’ ongoing support for the development of the agricultural sector. She expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming edition of the Farmers’ Market, highlighting the numerous improvements that are set to take place. She emphasised the pivotal role of the market, as a NIAD-backed project, in bolstering food security and providing crucial support to Bahraini farmers. This initiative is poised to not only elevate the market’s infrastructure but also contribute to the advancement of the agricultural sector in Bahrain.

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Minister Al Mubarak, in his presence at the signing ceremony, underscored the importance of forging strong partnerships with the private sector to drive economic development, particularly within the agricultural domain. His endorsement of the agreement reflects the government’s commitment to fostering collaborative efforts that propel the growth and sustainability of Bahrain’s agricultural industry.

The agreement signifies a concerted effort to revitalize the Bahraini Farmers’ Market, positioning it as a hub for agricultural excellence and community engagement. The planned enhancements are expected to create a more conducive environment for farmers to showcase their produce and for the public to engage in agricultural activities. This makeover holds the promise of not only elevating the market’s physical infrastructure but also enriching the overall experience for vendors and visitors alike.

The collaborative endeavor between NIAD and STC Bahrain stands as a testament to the shared commitment to advancing Bahrain’s agricultural landscape. It aligns with the nation’s vision for economic diversification and sustainable development, underscoring the pivotal role of the agricultural sector in the country’s growth trajectory.

As the Bahraini Farmers’ Market prepares to undergo this transformative journey, the anticipation for its enhanced offerings and facilities is palpable. The forthcoming improvements are poised to elevate the market’s status as a beacon of agricultural innovation and community vitality, further solidifying its position as a cherished destination for both locals and visitors.

Mr Al Mubarak emphasised the importance of strengthening partnerships with the private sector to support programmes and initiatives that drive economic development, including in the agricultural sector. He also expressed appreciation for the support provided by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, Wife of His Majesty the King and Chairperson of the National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD) Consultative Council, for the agricultural sector, and particularly the farmers’ market, which drives efforts to maximise the sector’s contribution to food security in the kingdom.

The agreement aims to enhance the farmers’ market infrastructure and renovate the set-up of the market over the next four consecutive seasons.

The minister commended STC Bahrain’s support and its commitment to backing national projects. He also lauded the cooperation with NIAD for the development of

the agricultural sector, noting its efforts in successfully organising the Farmers’ Market over the past seasons.

 STC’s CEO affirmed the company’s commitment to social responsibility and community support initiatives, highlighting its vision of positively impacting society through development programs and collaboration with the public sector.

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