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Tamkeen Holds Mentoring Workshop with Mowgli

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Tamkeen, in collaboration with Mowgli Foundation, organised a mentorship awareness workshop for participating mentors and mentees. The session, in-line with Tamkeen’s continuous efforts to support enterprises and individuals throughout their developmental stages, aims to introduce the Mowgli mentoring programme to the attendees and raise awareness of Tamkeen’s Advisory Services Programme.

More than 100 mentors, entrepreneurs and business owners participated in the workshop. Participants were briefed on the set of skills and proficiencies that mentors and business owners should possess to best benefit from this programme. In addition, the workshop highlighted the difference between training, mentoring and guidance and highlighted, with the aim to offer the right advice to the participating entrepreneurs.

Tamkeen’s agreement with Mowgli Foundation is part of Tamkeen’s Advisory Services, which offer Business mentoring for enterprises. Tamkeen is planning to expand these services in partnership with a number of stakeholders, experts and professionals in the near future

Through its Advisory Services, Tamkeen ensures the continuity of these relationships and observers the entrepreneurs’ progress and level of development.

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Commenting on the announcement, Tamkeen’s Chief Executive, Dr. Ebrahim Janahi said: “Tamkeen is keen to bridge the gap between specialised experts and business owners and support them in developing their businesses further.” He added “Tamkeen has always enabled businesses through its Enterprise Support, Financial Support and Grant-Based solutions and through this initiative with the aim to offer them guidance and allow them the maximum benefit from our various programmes to make a difference in their respective industry.”

Tamkeen’s Advisory Services include a series of workshops, awareness roadshows and advisory sessions designed to assist the private sector’s individuals and companies during the different development phases.

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