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Minister Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro participates in World Tourism Day celebrations in Riyadh

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Bahrain’s commitment to promoting tourism received a boost as Industry and Commerce Minister Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro, participated in the 43rd World Tourism Day celebrations held in Riyadh. The event, themed Tourism and Green Investments, which brought together top officials from various countries, showcased Bahrain’s dedication towards enhancing its tourism industry and fostering international partnerships. Mr Fakhro’s active involvement highlighted the country’s approach to bolstering its tourism sector’s growth and ensuring sustainable development.

Mr Fakhro’s presence at the World Tourism Day celebrations was a clear testament to Bahrain’s recognition of the importance of tourism as a driver of economic growth. The annual event, organised by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), aims to raise awareness about the social, cultural, political, and economic significance of tourism worldwide.

During the event, Mr Fakhro, who is also currently the acting minister for Tourism affirmed the kingdom’s commitment to support global efforts and develop policies that drive international tourism towards a broader horizon to promote sustainable tourism. He noted the importance of attracting more direct green investment, which will lead to a significant increase in the tourism sector as a major contributor to sustainable economic growth. He highlighted efforts exerted to strengthen international cooperation in the tourism sector, sharing experiences and enhancing partnerships to drive sustainable development within the sector. Bahrain has participated in this global tourism event to promote its tourism sector and highlight the Bahraini success story, characterised by a trailblazing record of achievements, milestones, and innovative initiatives, he said.

World Tourism Day celebrations in Riyadh

These accomplishments have enhanced Bahrain’s position on the global tourism map and established it as a highly attractive destination for international tourists due to its cutting-edge infrastructure, topnotch services, modern facilities, advanced hospitality and tourism establishments, and a diverse array of tourist destinations”.

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He stressed the commitment to support the tourism industry, which is underpinned by a well-defined strategy and innovative plans that prioritize long-term sustainability. These initiatives create a conducive and attractive environment for innovative tourism projects.

The minister pointed out that this year’s World Tourism Day theme aligns with the Kingdom’s forward thinking approach, as reflected in its 2022–2026 tourism strategy. These strategies prioritise economic growth and green investments within the tourism sector, positioning it as a key driver of the kingdom’s GDP.

World Tourism Day celebrations in Riyadh

One of Bahrain’s standout attractions is its rich historical and cultural heritage, which dates back thousands of years. It boasts numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Bahrain Fort and the ancient Burial Mounds. Additionally, Bahrain has been making strides in improving its connectivity through the expansion of its transportation network and the recent revamp of Bahrain International Airport.

Mr Fakhro’s participation in the World Tourism Day celebrations in Riyadh showcased Bahrain’s commitment to strengthening its tourism sector. By engaging in international dialogues, promoting cultural heritage, and pursuing sustainable tourism practices, Bahrain aims to attract visitors from around the world. With continuous support from the government and proactive industry leaders like Mr Fakhro, Bahrain’s tourism industry is poised for sustained growth and development.

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