Zainab Abosuhail is a young Bahraini graduate who has invented the “Automatic Fracture Device.” The invented device won best 5 inventions in Bahraini inventors contest, best 9 inventions in star of Science Star of Science inventors reality show, 1st place in Arab nursing Society Award, Golden medal in the 9th international invention fair, bronze medal in the 10th international invention fair and golden medal with honour in Geneva 46 International Invention fair.

Bahrain This Week introduces the wonderful invention and the master brain behind it to the readers.

Explain the details of “Automatic Fracture Casting Device”

The device “Automatic Fracture Casting Device” works on spraying material that transfer from liquid to solid after exposure to air. In contrast to the traditional plaster of Paris casting, this is a faster, neater and safer cast with no additional pressure over fractured extremity. The spray material take the fractured extremity shape before transforming to solid with exposure to air.

How did you get the idea of “Automatic Fracture Casting Device”?

The idea came to me after I observed the errors in original ways of casting. My father had a fracture on his leg that led him to have ordinal plaster of Paris cast. However, the tight cast complicated the situation and he had inflammations. This incident led me to think about safe way applying cast over fractured extremity and then I started the journey of inventions arriving now to my invention “Automatic Fracture Casting Device.”

Who should have “Automatic Fracture Casting Device”?

All the Orthopaedic clinics should have this device in the future. The device will transform the face of fracture casting. The clinics can ensure casting with less pain, less side effects, cost effective and time saving casting with the device.

How is the reception and recognition of “Automatic Fracture Casting Device”?

The idea of “Automatic Fracture Casting Device” is new, so it got great recognition especially at invention fairs that I had participated in.

Which hospitals in the Kingdom already adopted “Automatic Fracture Casting Device”?

In the current stage, the invention “Automatic Fracture Casting Device” is in the development stage. It will soon get into the research stage. I will be launching the device to the market only after it reaches all the criteria of perfection. The device will be first launched at the hospitals in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Which is your target market?

As mentioned, the device will be first launched at the hospitals in the kingdom of Bahrain.

When I get the product to the marketing stage, I dream to take “Automatic Fracture Casting Device” to all countries. This is a necessary tool in the modern medical applications.

Tell us about your education and background.

I’m graduated with bachelor degree in nursing from College of Health Sciences in Bahrain.

How does your family support you?

My family supports me in all ways as possible. They give me freedom to work as it requires and take independent actions for the development.

What are your hobbies?

I love books and pen down my thoughts at times. I am interested in drawing too.

What do you think need inventive replacement among current medical equipment?

I think, dressing for deep injuries need inventive replacement. The process so sensitive for patients and medical practitioners at the same time.

What is your future dream?

I wish to impart positive impacts to my society through my education and experience in the health sector.