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National skills portal kawader to boost the ICT sector

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Bahrain has launched a national skills portal for Bahraini jobseekers in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Kawader from Tamkeen, a national database for Bahraini jobseekers, business owners, and enterprises, will help improve talent participation and drive sustainable economic growth by connecting Bahraini tech professionals with job opportunities and employers through Tamkeen’s Global Ready Talent program. It will also connect local talent in the ICT sector with job opportunities in Bahrain, helping to address skill gaps in the market. Through Kawader, stakeholders will have access to skilled local talent in highly soughtafter ICT specialties through a single online platform. This will assist prospective employers in finding the necessary skills to support the ongoing growth of this promising sector.

While there are also plans to expand the portal in the future to cover other important economic sectors, Kawader is in response to the growing demand for tech talent in the market, said Tamkeen chief executive Maha Mofeez.

“The portal’s aim is to help match highly skilled local talent with potential employers looking to fill specialised roles, in particular within the ICT realm, a rapidly growing sector in the kingdom that is central to the success of many businesses while also being a key driver of the national economy,” said Ms Mofeez. “Kawader will also help Bahrain’s talented tech professionals build rewarding career paths that utilise their skills, develop their talent, support their professional growth, and empower them to realize their full potential.

She added that Kawader reflects Tamkeen’s commitment to enabling Bahrainis to become employees of choice in the labour market, in line with its main objectives. It also comes as part of a range of initiatives designed to address skill gaps in emerging and key economic sectors.

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Individuals with expertise and experience in the field of ICT can register on Kawader by visiting kawader.tamkeen.bh. By creating a profile and uploading their CV, they can showcase their skills to potential employers. On the other hand, companies looking to fill techrelated job openings can use the portal to post their job openings. Tamkeen, which acts as a key contributor to economic growth in the kingdom, is organising this initiative to provide support to the private sector and the labour market. Throughout its existence, Tamkeen has assisted numerous Bahrainis in obtaining professional certifications. As part of its transformation, Tamkeen has introduced 16 new programmes, one of which is the Global Ready Talent Programme. It has enabled approximately 60 Bahrainis to receive training at the international headquarters of 12 leading global companies.

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