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NBB Reveals Al Watani Saving Scheme’s ‘Grand Prize’ Winners

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The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) is pleased to announce the winners of its Al-Watani Saving Scheme ‘Grand Prize’ for the month of June. The winners were awarded through a handover celebration held at NBB’s Manama Headquarters on 12th July 2021. Customers were not notified of their final prize amounts, and were therefore genuinely surprised upon learning of their winnings. The celebration took place in the presence of local media, NBB’s Chief Executive of Retail Banking and members of the Bank’s staff.

The lucky winners attended the ceremony separately, where Sayed Mostafa Sayed Ahmed, was awarded a monthly salary worth USD 50,000 paid over the course of one year, followed by four winners Afaf Yousif Al Hulaibi, Ali Ebrahim Kanoo, Mona AbdulMajeed Momen and Mashael Mohamed AlMahmood, receiving cash prizes worth USD 25,000 each, and, finally, the biggest winner of the day Ali Hassan Al Gallaf, taking home a grand prize worth USD 500,000 in cash.

In light of the recent lift on COVID-19 restrictions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the National Bank celebrated its ‘Grand Prize’ winners at the bank’s premises for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. The winners expressed their gratitude and surprise upon receiving their prizes, as they continued to abide by current government directives to maintain ongoing social distancing measures all through the event.

Commenting on the event, Subah A. Latif Al Zayani, Chief Executive – Retail Banking at NBB, said: “We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our lucky winners this month. NBB has always kept customers at the forefront of our business decisions, as we remain ‘Closer to You’ and we are blessed to host a limited event and meet our winners in person. Providing top-quality service to our loyal, long-time clientele is a key element here at NBB and we look forward to awarding more winners in the future.”

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Ahmed Al Maskati, Head of Retail Products at NBB, stated: “It gives us great pleasure to see a wide range of customers across all ages and segments taking part in our savings scheme. We have recently diversified the eligible account types through which customers can simply make or top-up their deposits using their Express Savers or SaveWave accounts to increase their chances of winning one of the major cash prizes set out for this year. Through Al Watani Savings, we hope to increase the awareness for financial management, even at a young age, and to be able to offer our customers life-changing prizes.”

The criteria to qualify for a chance to win the Al-Watani Savings Scheme prizes remains seamless; a minimum deposit of BHD 50 will qualify customers for one chance at winning, with their chances of winning increasing with every deposit of the same amount. Customers can now simply place or increase their deposits through the NBB Digital Banking application alongside various deposit channels such as ATMs, ITMs, CDMs and the wide network of NBB branches across the Kingdom.

NBB continues its promise of fulfilling dreams through its Al Watani Savings Scheme Prizes by urging its customers to increase and place their deposits, as innovative rewards and additional cash prizes await in the second half of 2021.

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