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Never Jump the Red Light

This article is published in association with Ministry of Interior in public interest.

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You may believe that just because the traffic light has turned red only a second or two ago you can safely whiz past, and you may get through by a whisker. But if you are unlucky, those two seconds could be ill-fated. In those two seconds another vehicle for which the red may have just turned green, could come hurtling towards you, probably sending you out of this world forever. Or worse still, put you in a coma or a wheelchair for life.

So never try to jump the red light. Imagine the red light of the traffic signal to be a wall and you don’t bang your vehicle into a wall, do you? Moreover, if you are some distance away from a green signal, far from trying to speed up and ‘catch’ it, you should slow down to a reasonable speed and cross it only if it is still green as you approach it.

As a matter of precaution, if your traffic light has just turned green, and you are the first driver to cross it or approach it, it is better to go slow and move cautiously. Look left and right to protect yourself from some rash driver who may have decided to take his chances and jump his red light.

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