Sunday, April 11, 2021

    New BQA Blog Is Out!

    Continuing the series of 16 previous blogs launched by Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA). New blog is out in collaboration with (BQA) Education & Training Quality Authority since 2nd July, which allows the opportunity to directly interact and connect with Dr. Jawaher Shaheen AlMudhahki, CE of BQA, who had started InstaLive from 10:30AM-11:10AM on iGA’s official Instagram account (@iGABahrain) to communicate with the public who enquired about authority’s reports, evaluations, national exams, and training institutes. If you have missed live broadcast, you may view it via iGA’s  or BQA’s Instagram accounts.

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    The chance is never missed, as the blog is continuing on the national portal Responding to the public in a step encouraging government entities to enhance direct eParticipation with government officials. The blog, aims at increasing eParticipation in an effective method that is distinguished in its speed of communication with the public and decision-makers in Bahrain, alongside formulating relevant solutions and taking suitable decisions throughout open door policy.

    The blog entitled ‘Quality of Education and Training in Bahrain’ will undoubtedly improve interaction with BQA, and spot the light over the importance of communication with all the relevant stakeholders to build a real, obvious and feasible partnership in transferring and exchanging information about views or suggestions on BQA services, achievements and issued reports which all are  welcomed through the newly launched BQA Blog on

    Seeing the positive and beneficial impact of the previously broadcasted blogs between citizens and residents with senior government officials, iGA launches another Blog that enables students and parents to explore – in depth – the evaluation process of academic and training entities that suit their expectations about education in Bahrain. The blog will also strengthen trust in public entities, senior officials and delivered services.

    iGA takes advantage of the new communication mechanism that keeps pace with the current trends of utilizing social media in eParticipation in order to develop services according to people’s requirements and needs. Addressing government leaders also improves Bahrain’s rank in the United Nations eGovernment Survey as it reflects the direct communication amongst officials and the public.

    Interested users may continue to post their comments as the blog will remain active to receive more participations. Additionally, citizens and residents’ questions and feedbacks will be archived and published via the eGovernment Blogs page on to become permanently available for all who wish to benefit but were unable to participate. This blog will join the other blogs, launched since 2009, by a group of government officials – participated to represent several country sectors.

    For more information, please visit iGA’s Instagram account @igabahrain or BQA’s account @bqa_bh.

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