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New Cybersecurity Standards Document Paves the Way for Sustainable Economic and Productive Sectors

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Mr. Yaqoob Al-Awadhi, CEO of NGN International, a leading IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company, has emphasized the significance of the recent announcement made by the CEO of the National Center for Cybersecurity, Sheikh Salman bin Mohammed Al Khalifa. The announcement revealed the imminent issuance of a cybersecurity standards document aimed at Bahraini companies.

According to Mr. Al-Awadhi, this document will serve as a crucial reference guide for companies seeking to fortify their systems against cyberattacks. He added that it will be a pivotal roadmap for ensuring the sustainability of the work of various economic, productive, and service sectors in Bahrain.

“Formulating and disseminating cybersecurity standards at the national level can greatly benefit organizations responsible for cybersecurity, including banks, industrial companies, hospitals, schools, and government agencies. These standards provide guidance on best practices and measures to maintain robust cybersecurity, thereby reducing the risk of cyberattacks aimed at stealing sensitive data and information or perpetrating financial extortion.”

Mr. Al-Awadhi affirmed that the existence of national cybersecurity standards helps cybersecurity service providers align their work with Bahrain’s relevant national cybersecurity guidelines, which are drawn from the expertise of the National Cybersecurity Center. This, in turn, supports the Center’s efforts to enhance this new type of security. It is also essential for Bahraini companies to participate in various initiatives aimed at developing cybersecurity in Bahrain, given the sensitivity of this type of security and the need to localize its industry and develop it in Bahrain with Bahraini talent and expertise.

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“The field of cybersecurity offers abundant job opportunities with attractive compensation packages for skilled and proficient Bahraini professionals. With the commendable efforts and initiatives of the National Center for Cybersecurity, the Kingdom of Bahrain has made remarkable progress in advancing this field. These advancements not only strengthen the cybersecurity landscape in Bahrain but also create more opportunities for training and qualification for Bahraini nationals in this vital field.” According to Mr. Al-Awadhi.

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