With the summer season approaching, consumption of electricity will indeed increase with the hot temperature weather – leaving household families unaware of their exact monthly electricity and water consumptions that could sprung out with surprises.

Hand-in-hand with the Information & eGovernment Authority, the Electricity & Water Authority (EWA) continues to develop its services to cater to public’s regular needs – making demanded services more accessible, more gold-medal services. When you don’t want to stand in queues and rather pay online for your electricity and water bills, both entities are conveniently providing the valuable mobile app ‘Electricity & Water Services’ available on Android and iOS platforms via the eGovernment Apps Store at bahrain.bh/apps.

With the latest stats placing the ‘Electricity and Water Services’ as third top-ranked in terms of mobile app downloads; the extremely popular app benefits users with numerous day-to-day services such as enquire and pay for electricity and water bills, view bills and payments history (presents the current and previous bills), receive notifications for outstanding bills, submit meter readings, report high consumptions, update contact details together with the Go eBill feature which enables users to subscribe with eBilling to receive bills via email.

Users should also take advantage of the ‘Act Now’ feature in the app, especially in the summer, which brings users additional services like the ‘Benchmark Comparison’ allowing them to compare their own consumptions with the public’s average consumption in Bahrain by entering their EWA account and number of household members in their residence. Other services include the ‘Benchmark Calculator’ and the all-improved ‘Submit Meter Reading’ that facilitates customers to submit the reading for electricity and water meters of any account without the need for the eKey login.

Moreover, the national portal (Bahrain.bh) just added a new service ‘Request for Electricity & Water Service Disconnection’ that joined the bundle of diversified services to enable users to submit requests of service disconnection of electricity and water for active accounts to avoid being billed on establishments that are not of use.

For any suggestions or enquiries on the app, please contact us via the National Suggestions & Complaints System Tawasul at Bahrain.bh/tawasul. To download Tawasul or EWA app, please visit the eGovernment Apps Store via bahrain.bh/apps.