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New self-service kiosks enable users to update their ID card information

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Did you just change jobs or got employed recently or moved into a new house that required address update? The new self-service kiosk recently launched by Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) enables users to personally update their status information and view the current data in their Identity card easily without the need to take an appointment at the service centers.

The new self-service kiosks which are an addition to the authority kiosk available to complete transactions  make it easier than ever for users to manage their identity card information, they can instantly and independently view and update all the information registered to their ID cards, such as addresses, passport details, and sponsorship and residency information via the new kiosks.

The new kiosks also provide the (Card Reader Service), which enables the public to verify the data stored in the ID card. The verification process is carried out immediately and in an autonomous manner.

Moreover, they can also register or update their contacts information to receive government notification messages from the Government Notification Service (NotifyMe), without needing to visit a physical office.

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The state-of-the-art kiosks, the first of their kind in the region, are fully automated with touch screens, security cameras, credit and debit card readers, and a printer for receipts. All services are fully secure, with a fingerprint biometric system to verify users’ identities.

As a phase one, atotal of five kiosks are currently available—three at the iGA premises in Isa Town, one at the Seef Mall Muharraq branch, and one at the Labor Market Regulatory Authority’s (LMRA) premises at Mina Salman—and more will be rolled out in different locations in the kingdom of Bahrain in the future with the aim to add in additional new features

Providing the new kiosk is in line with the Information & eGovernment Authority’s (iGA) aim to make government services more accessible. For inquiries, visit the National Suggestions and Complaints System, Tawasul available via the National Portal, bahrain.bh, download the Tawasul app from the eGovernment Apps Store bahrain.bh/apps, or call the Government Services Contact Center on 80008001.  To receive updates on the latest news and developments, follow the iGA’s social media channels @iGAbahrain.

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