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Noose Pose  [Pasha-asana]

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‘Pasha’ means noose, ‘asana’ means  posture or seat. In this pose the body creates a ‘noose’ when the person wraps their arms around their legs in a squat position, with the hands clasped behind their back, while twisting to one side.

Organising the Pose

  • Squat down. Use a folded blanket or a sheet under the heels if you can’t balance.

       2.   Rotate your waist to your left. Fix your right arm on the outer side of your left knee. Keep your left fingertips on the floor.

3.   Then curl your right arm around your shins. Swing your left arm behind your back and clasp your right hand.

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4. Turn your head and look over your left shoulder. Twist your waist and move your left elbow and shoulder back. This is Pasha- asana.

5. Loosen your arms. Now do the pose turning to your right side.


  • Tighten the noose to maximize the pose.


  • Don’t clasp your behind your buttocks, clasp them behind your back.


  • Strengthens the spinal muscles, soothes sore backs.
  • Improves digestion, appetite and elimination.
  • Corrects rounded shoulders.

To develop the full pose, use your abdominals to twist, strongly activate your inner thighs and cinch your legs together. Internally rotate both arms and reach around behind your back to bind. Use a strap if you can’t reach.


Neelanjana Bharadwaj- Yoga Expert

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