A new service has been introduced to the legal practice in Bahrain! The ‘Private Notary’ system has been developed in line with the new international standards, for the licensed qualified private notaries to serve the public with a better faster quality and efficiency.

The Information & eGovernment Authority has worked closely with Ministry of Justice & Islamic Affairs to launch the system, where licensed qualified private notaries are able to conduct notarization services after government working hours, and serve the public with a better faster quality and efficiency.

It enables the Ministry to centrally control the issuance of notary transaction numbers, in addition to improving the security standards by printing a two-dimensional barcode that allows for the verification of notarized documents.

In short steps, the notaries will easily be able to review the requests through the system and process the transactions by registering, printing and obtaining the stakeholders signatures. In addition to the online archiving for central database authentication, along with submission of completed transactions.

We urge all readers to learn more about the developed system, by visiting the National Portal Bahrain.bh and go to (eGovernment and Integration Projects) tab. For more details on our activities and eservices, please follow us on our social media accounts @igaBahrain.


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