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Online Safeguarding Measures

St Christopher’s School pioneering state-of-the-art child online safeguarding measures

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St Christopher’s School has engaged ‘Lightspeed Systems’, a UK & US based online safety company specialising in content-control, network management, online learning, and cyber security tools for K-12 schools.

The ‘Rocket’ is now fully installed across both campus’ – an intelligent programme which categorises websites and content, including filtering within Google images, in ‘real-time’, to ensure that our students are protected from unsuitable material. The ‘zero-touch’ configuration, means that as soon as a device connects in school by ethernet or WiFi, the policies apply without IT support intervention.

The School is able to restrict content based on the age of our students, having more relaxed policies for older students such as those in Sixth Form. St Christopher’s tracks all incoming and outgoing internet traffic and the software dynamically reports concerning behaviour or potential safety threats.

Gavin Boyle, Director of ICT at St Christopher’s: “Very soon we will be able to offer the same level of filtering to student’s devices from anywhere and at any time. Parents will be able to opt into a scheme where the school’s filtering will be applied to the student device whenever they access any Internet connection. Home/Public WiFi/3G&4G, and world-wide coverage.”

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In-line with the schools dedication towards online safety, Jonathan Taylor, a child safeguarding consultant, social media and online behaviour expert from BeSafe Online, was invited to work with St Christopher’s pupils from Year 1 to Year 13, staff and parents in March.

Parents were invited to attend information sessions, where insights were given into the online behaviour of pupils, highlighting the challenges of risky online behaviour which may lead to cyberbullying, sexting and damage to online digital reputation. Jonathan also raised awareness of the child protection risks related to e-safety, tailored to a home environment. This provided a fantastic opportunity for parents to ask for guidance and advice about related issues. He also presented bespoke, age-appropriate assemblies to pupils.

Jonathan Taylor worked as a covert internet investigator, within the Metropolitan Police Child Abuse Investigation Command for 10 years. Having graduated with an MSc in Criminology/Criminal Psychology, he now lectures to professionals about online dangers to pupils. He works as an independent child safeguarding expert specializing in e-safety and is qualified to offer guidance in the creation of robust e-safety policies to protect schools, educators, parents and pupils.

Jonathan is the e-safety consultant for Educare and works with many organisations around the world. He continues to appear on Sky News, ITV’s Daybreak and This Morning, BBC Breakfast TV, BBC 24, and The One Show as an internet safety expert in the United Kingdom.

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