Only 33% of app marketers use in-app messaging, with 3.5X higher retention


Only a third of app marketers are currently using in-app messaging. That could soon change, however, if the other two-thirds find out that apps that use in-app messaging tend to get 3.5 times better retention.

A 3.5-times better retention rate adds up to a 50 percent third-month retention of new users — solid numbers in the cutthroat and fast-moving app industry, where people will often install an app, only to use it once or twice and then delete it.

The data is from app analytics and marketing platform Localytics’ latest usage and engagement study. Localytics, which is embedded in 28,000 apps on more than 1.5 billion devices globally, offers both analytics as well as user engagement features for mobile developers. Bigger analytics platforms like Google Analytics and Flurry lead the market in installs, but Localytics achieved top qualitative scores from developers.