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Perfect Corp. Launches New ‘AI Magic Avatar’ Feature for YouCam Perfect App

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Award-winning YouCam Perfect app introduces AI Magic Avatar feature allowing app users to generate hundreds of fun and engaging digital avatars representing their true likeness

Perfect Corp., the leading artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) beauty and fashion tech solutions provider, today announced the launch of a cutting-edge AI-powered avatar generator for its award-winning YouCam Perfect App for iOS and Android. The AI Magic Avatar tool is the latest addition to the comprehensive YouCam suite of apps, which also includes the YouCam Makeup and YouCam Nails apps, featuring thousands of AI and AR-powered beauty filters and fun photo-editing features that allow app users to express their creativity.

Cutting-Edge AI-Powered Avatar Generator Creates Hyper-Realistic Digital Twins for App Users

The new AI Magic Avatar feature is powered by Perfect Corp.’s advanced Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) technology and stable diffusion models to produce fun lifelike digital avatars for app users to enjoy and use to stand out in their social communities. With this engaging and entertaining new feature, app users can create a hyper-realistic digital avatar simply by uploading 10 – 20 images of themselves to the AI Magic Avatar generator. The sophisticated AI engine then analyzes the selfie images to produce up to 200 unique digital avatars that app users can leverage across various digital profiles, providing a fun and unique way for users to express themselves on digital platforms and in virtual spaces. App users can choose from a selection of 10 creative avatar styles when using the generator. With the app generating fairy princesses and anime angels to space explorers, cyberpunk rockstars and everything in between, the dynamic experiences truly offers something for everyone.

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AI Avatars Provide a New Medium for Consumers to Express Themselves in a Digitally-Focused World

“As consumers look for new ways to express themselves in digital spaces and emerging virtual worlds, avatars have become an essential aspect of communication and digital personas,” said Perfect Corp. CEO and Founder Alice Chang, “We are thrilled to introduce the new AI Magic Avatar generator for YouCam Perfect, allowing app users to create fun and dynamic digital avatars with their exact likeness.”

To experience the new AI Avatar Generator, download the YouCam Perfect App here.

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