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 – Bahrain’s Pavilion wins Silver at the Milan Expo 2015 for Architecture and Landscaping

Following its successful participation at the Shangai Expo in 2010, Bahrain was all set to appear at the Milan Expo 2015 which ran from May 1st to October 31st. And as the event had its grand culmination, the Kingdom raised its head in pride as our 2000 square meter pavilion at the expo got awarded silver for the best Architecture and Landscaping.

This year, Bahrain’s pavilion showcased one of best design and architectural marvels that earned it the appreciation from organisers and visitors alike throughout the months of the expo. The pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain at Expo Milano 2015 was a poetic interpretation of the cultural agrarian heritage of the country, which stems from the ancient civilization of Dilmun. With ten distinctive fruit gardens, containing trees that bore fruits at all the different moments throughout the six-month duration of the exhibition, the pavilion also featured archeological artifacts that celebrated the millennia long tradition of agriculture and perpetuate the many myths of Bahrain as the location of the Garden of Eden and the land of the million palm trees. Built out of white prefabricated concrete panels, the pavilion will be moved to Bahrain at the end of the Expo and once rebuilt will serve as a botanical garden. The prefabricated components of the buildings, visible through the seams that connect them to one another, loosely refer to the inherent and distinguished forms of the archaeology of Bahrain.

France won the first place for the same category while China came up as the third winner. The silver medal granted to Bahran’s pavilion proves the commitment of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities to the Expo’s theme.

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