Skiplino Application

If you know the plight of standing for long tedious hours at a queue then you would be happy to know that there is respite! Skiplino! It is a new user-friendly, cloud- based intelligent queue management system that simply makes queuing so easy! BTW speaks to its founder Zaman AH. Zaman to know more about this application.

Tell us briefly about yourself and your educational and professional background.

I graduated from the American University in Dubai. I am a serial entrepreneur; I founded companies in technology, gaming, private equity and advertisement. Some I sold, some shut down, and some I exited. I founded Level Z the first MENA Startup factory  with my cofounders Ricardo Gaspar , Alharith Alatawi and Ali Mohsen in August 2015 to make Skiplino and turn many of our other concepts to startups soon.

img_0507How did you come about with the idea of developing your application.

The idea came about when I was stuck waiting in bank to finish a transaction a day before Eid because I was traveling. The branch in the bank was so crowded and I ended up waiting for nearly two hours. I got very frustrated because I could’ve finished so many other errands in those two hours that was wasted waiting. So I went to my friend Ricardo Gaspar  who eventually became one of the cofounders of Skiplino and told him the problem and how I thought I have a solution for it because nobody should through what I went through, then we created a first design sketch and the rest is history.

Tell us in detail about your application.

Skiplino recently launched its new technology that revolutionized the process of queuing for Service providers. Skiplino is a cloud based intelligent queue management system that gives customers the ability to queue through their mobile phones and allows service providers to access analytics and holistic reports on all branches with information like how many people are waiting, served, and the average serving time on each branch. It also provides service specific reports and agent performance level reports and instant customer feedback. We are currently on-boarding service providers from around the globe including banks, telecoms and government agencies and is offering a free option for service providers.

Tell us where do you see your self in the next 5 years

We aim to eliminate waiting time at any location that has queue problem. We are already present with our technology in all 5 continents because our technology is localized in all major languages and our consumer apps are in 69 languages.

Can you tell us about some of the awards you have won?

Skiplino ranked as top 3 startups in MENA in Step 2016 the biggest Startup Conference in MENA and we were even featured before the conference Entrepreneur | Shortlisted:

-Ten Startups To Look Out For At STEP Conference 2016

-Ranked as one of the top startups 20 from TNW Europe (Biggest Tech conference in Europe and probably the world)

-Recently ranked as one of the Top 50 Retail Startups World Wide as number 6

-His Highness Sheikh Salem Al Ali Al Sabah Award for Informatics given to us by Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah the Crown Prince of the state of Kuwait

Zaman AH. Zaman, Founder of Skiplino Application

What is your message to aspiring entrepreneurs of Bahrain?

Don’t settle, and don’t just clone other ideas, add something , find a problem and solve it. Don’t just start a business for the sake of another income. Our country is small, so don’t limit yourself to local markets, find a common problem that’s at least regional if not a global one.

How is the Bahrain market accepting your product/service

Our market has been very accepting, but as I said, our product was a global product since day one. So we don’t measure by specific countries but by regions. Yet there are number of big companies that are in the process of adopting Skiplino in all their branches very soon.

How did Bahrain This Week – help you create brand awareness right from Level Z till Skiplino

It’s helped us reach younger audience and raise awareness about what we are doing and what we are try to achieve. We thank Bahrain This Week and are very grateful for the coverage and support we continually receive from them.