Ramadan Grandeur at VIVA Al Masaya Pavilion, Ritz-Carlton Bahrain


Grandeur is the word that first comes to mind when one thinks about VIVA Al Masaya Pavilion at the Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.

As you set foot on the doorstep, you are immediately greeted by their welcoming staff   escort to your seats. Much like the entourage of assorted dishes, the palatial space allows for a large number of people to be seated. With exclusive private areas that look off at calming waters and intimately designed areas for gatherings and families, the pavilion extends its welcome to all.

With ceilings that rise up to the skies and simmered golden lights, the space manages to capture closeness and intimacy with a touch of luxury and grandiosity. The octagon-shaped pavilion features deep, turquoise and teal in each of its furnishings with a dash of gold to complete. The table tops are a dark emerald green marble while much of the private seating display grey finishing. We could go on and on about this carefully constructed and diligently designed location but like always we must not forget the purpose of it all.

Housed in this lulling, ambient structure is an assortment of dishes that sooth every craving. While keeping the theme of Arab meets the West, tradition intertwined with modernity and intimacy with luxury, the spread at The Ritz reflects the same core values. From Sushi to steak, from Crème brûlée to Um Ali, the food journey provided at the VIVA Al Masaya Pavilion Iftar and Ghabga is one that traverses all boundaries.

Succulent meats of all kinds are prepared in rotisseries right before your eyes, so are the spinning crêpes and grilled fish. Aisles of food that touch upon every sense and taste bud on the tongue can be found here. Well balanced and skillfully presented, these dishes sing in one’s.

It will be hard for those who enter the pavilion to stop themselves at single serving or even after three. The gatherings and the chattering at VIVA Al Masaya Pavilion go on for long and nobody seems to want to leave immediately, it could be the atmosphere, it could be the food and it can be simply because, it’s VIVA Al Masaya Pavilion of Ritz carlton